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  Offerings ( IT Solutions )

The future is driven by productive workers who value collaboration and information sharing across multiple platforms. S&G's (Our) IT solutions are focused on solving business problems and increasing operational efficiencies. This focus has led us to build applications that meet tomorrow's challenges in two spaces that ultimately will converge - Web 2.0 and Mobility. The IT solutions to the industry span four areas which are mobility, Web 2.0, Embedded and Telecom, IT strategy services & ERP.

Burgeoning mobile/wireless market sets forth the demand for mobile-specific solutions. Mobile development services can lead to increase in productivity and cost saving. Wireless device manufacturing companies (OEMs and ODMs) and mobile network operators (MNOs) can receive a number of solutions to fulfil their requirements for mobile platforms and applications.
Within mobile development services customers can receive solutions in the domains of Android Solutions; Microsoft Windows Mobile and Windows Phone; Operator solutions; System Integration; IOT - Inter-operability and compliance testing; Web Technologies; and Turnkey Solutions.

S&G’s services in mobile platform include Protocol stack development, Middleware Migration, JVM porting, Java Speech, Java profile development, Speech and Face Recognition System, Multimedia Messaging, WAP Gateways, Application Development, Prototyping / Customized UI and feature set, Screen size optimized graphics, Parsing of content by device, etc.

Web 2.0
The clients, using the company's expertise in Web 2.0, can avail web applications that enable participatory information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration on the Internet. Web 2.0 site allows users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creators of user-generated content in a virtual community.
Some of the end products of Web 2.0 include blogs, social networking sites, video sharing sites, wikis, hosted services, web applications and folksonomies.
While devising Web 2.0 solutions we use client-side/web browser technologies for Web 2.0 development such as asynchronous Library, Dojo Toolkit, MooTools, and jQuery.

Embedded and Telecom Software Development
Embedded & Telecom value added services are delivered to various market segments spanning from mobile phone to consumer electronics. Software solutions such as RFID based system, VoIP over ubiquitous devices and End-to-End solution for remote monitoring have been appreciated by clients and corporate from diverse industry domains.

IT strategy services
IT strategy services is focused on managing technology resources that a company has. The technology team advise and devise solutions to our clients so that they exploit information technologies that benefit them. The services include collaboration solutions on email, messaging and mail servers, security and monitoring services from port wise, nexus and syntasia, application and database servers, and virtualization and clustering. The range of expertise is:

Collaboration Solutions


    Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail ,Exim, iRedMail Servers
    Webmail Solutions
    Enterprise Mail Servers
    Email Collaboration Suites
    Spam Filtering
    Email Security
    Mail Server Migration
    Email Backup Solutions

         Instant Messaging

         Mailing List Server
         Chat Server
         SMS Server
Security & Monitoring
Firewall & Proxy using console & GUI tools
Content based filtering
Network & Wireless Access Control using FreeRADIUS
Intrusion Detection
Virtual Private Network (VPN) PPTP, POPTOP OpenVPN, SuperSWAN
Denial of Service attack Monitoring
Network Security Audit
Network Monitoring (Nagios, Cacti, OpenNMS, Zenoss)
Application & Database Servers
File Server
Print Server & Print Auditing>
FTP Server
Authentication using NIS/SMB, LDAP
Samba Domain Controller using LDAP Backend
Integrating Linux & other Proprietory OS Environments
Single Sign-on using LDAP and Kerberos
Database Design & Modelling Database Security and Optimization
Apache, Tomcat & JBOSS
Virtualization & Clustering
  • Citrix Xen
  • KVM Virtualization
  • Live Migration
      Load Balancing
  • HA Cluster
  • Load Balancing Cluster
  • DRDB Clustering
  • RH Cluster Suite
  • 389 Directory Server Replication
  • Active Directory to 389 Directory Server Replication
    Mailing List Server
    Chat Server
    SMS Server
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