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  Real Estate - JV Projects ( Our offerings )

Since S&G has proved beyond doubt their ability in field of complex & highly specialized architecture, engineering & construction therefore the idea to enter the space of most basic need of human – “Homes” came to us, with offers coming straight to our door for making homes for those who knew our skill set & those land owner who wanted to launch residential projects on their plots but did wanted somebody as partner who could do turnkey job of architecture , engineering, construction & who is well aware of regularizing laws of land for multi storey group housing projects.

We as a JV partner offer our expertise in planning & designing a residential/commercial project as per construction laws of local municipal laws & seek clearances from government bodies for a go ahead of the project, further we also do construction of the project & it is followed by sales & marketing of the product created. Here we do not charge the land owner for all the jobs that we do. In JV projects we initiate a prior agreement of percentage sharing in total saleable area created, between land owner & us. This prior agreement clearly states the ownership rights in terms of percentage, out of total salable area in sq.ft built in the project.

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