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  Products ( HR-force )

HR-force is a comprehensive Human Resource Management Suite (HRMS Suite). HR Force is focused on helping small and mid-sized service oriented organization to manage their workforce. The solution to managing a workforce requires a step by step approach from recruitment to on-going employee management, which includes leave, KRA & appraisal, and salary management. This product meets the need of a range of organizations because it’s a complete solution that saves cost by combining all HR needs in one single solution.
Various Staff Augmentation companies are using HR Force recruitment management system to automate the complete recruitment process right from posting of vacancies, tabulating of resumes received, scheduling interviews, and interviewer's comments, etc., till the final recruitment, followed by regular attendance tracking and billing, thereby reducing the time cycle of recruitment, manpower time and cost.
Consulting Companies are using the employee management system for work allocation and scheduling for various consultants, client invoicing and MIS. Corporate houses and SMEs are also using the system for their resource planning and recruitment, as well as for their HR intranet needs, including attendance and leave management.
The comprehensive suite includes following individual components:

  Recruitment Management System
  Human Resource Management System
  Leave Management
  KRA & Appraisal Management
  Employment Management
  Salary Management System
  Allocated task management system
  Daily reporting system
  Hourly tracking & reporting system for staff on the move ( very important for company having service staff doing on site services)
  Salient Features
    Job Seekers
Online Job Application
Hot Jobs Access
Receive Interview Calls
    Clients/Resource Requisitioners
Post Resource Requirements
Search and Short-list Candidate
Feedback and Selection
    Recruiters/HR Managers
Search/Track Resumes
Schedule interviews/on-line tests
Attendance/Leave Management
Appraisals & Salary Revision
Tasks & reporting
    Other Features
Invoicing and Payment Tracking
Notice Board
Contact & Calendar sharing
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