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  Director's Message

“S&G” is a product & project driven company that moves forward with a “blank sheet” approach, which helps in identifying need - focused solution & technical innovation. Combining creative thinking with practical solution has helped us in achieving difficult targets for our clients; it also enables long term development of projects.
S&G has a strong heritage of professionalism that puts the highest value of merit and integrity. All the members of S&G family are conscious about their responsibility in empowering business transformation to make the organization truly world class & to ensure its long term success and growth.

We at S&G are now taking a leap into next stage of corporate growth in an organic way & are well aware of the enthusiast’s eyes on us. This is not only helping us streamline our act to perform with global players but is also applying the right pressure on us to deliver the best to our clients of public & private sector in India.

Here I will also like to confirm that S&G’s emphasize on “Committed Delivery System” remains intact as always, because we know that the main reason behind the exceptional growth seen by us is that. I personally have been making sure that whatever is been committed is been delivered as it is & client satisfaction should always remain as the top most priority.

I will like to personally submit my gratitude on behalf of S&G, to all those associated with us directly or indirectly & contributing to our growth.


              With best regards

Akshay Hada
Managing Director
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